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The Challenge
Four members of Royal Mail Infrastructure Management Team are attempting to cycle over 300 miles in only four days from Edinburgh to Chesterfield to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Follow their progress here

None of the four members are seasoned cyclists and have only 6 months to prepare for this challenging route along the east coast of the UK.

+100% of donations go to Prostate Cancer UK
Unlike many charity rides, all sponsorship money (plus Gift Aid) goes to Prostate Cancer UK - they   are covering all costs themselves, food; accommodation; equipment etc. is all being paid for through their savings, allowing all sponsorship money to go to Prostate Cancer UK.

No luxury of a support team
This means everything they need for the ride is carried by them; carrying out their own repairs; and dealing with everything the challenge throws at them. They are doing this on their own, via a route that they have meticulously planned, and all of this helps to minimise costs -ensuring that all money raised goes to Prostate Cancer UK.



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